Rise 360 embeds that initially look good but then stop displaying the preview image even though the link still works

I'm having a problem with embed displays. Not with every embed, but with quite a few, in multiple courses.

1. Embed initially looks good with a nice preview image.

2. Some time later, after time passes and courses are closed and opened, the preview image no longer looks good even though the metadata is still pulling correctly and the link is not broken. See, for example, the attached image. The link (https://rscj.org/key-figures-in-our-history) still works fine, but the preview is bad. This happens in Edit mode and Preview mode. 

3. Generally, if I re-embed, Rise will pull a good preview image again. This is not always permanent, and sometimes it's not the same image that was originally pulled.

Is this a Rise issue or a linked-website issue?

I am using Chrome, 100% zoom, Windows.



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Rose Radkowski

I did what you did in the video demo, except in this case it wasn't in a multimedia block, it was in a Tabs block. But yes, I pasted the link in and did not use iframe code.

I re-did the embed yesterday after I posted this question (again with the link, not iframe) and the problem resolved itself (I was able to see the same image previewing that you were getting in the video demo) but I have sometimes had these resolve in the past but then go back to the bad preview even if the link doesn't break. I assumed for a while it was a site-specific problem but I have noticed it with embeds from multiple websites now.

Thanks for your help!

Rose Radkowski
Rose Radkowski

Would a web export opened on my own device count as a published version, or do you mean a live online published version?

I re-embedded the same link as my previous example  https://www.amormeus.org/en/what-do-we-do/ and now the preview shows up properly in the edit/preview mode (see attached) and in the web export viewed on my own device, so I don't really have an example to test at the moment. The next time I see one of these, I'll at least make a web export before I fix it.