Rise 360: Feature Request - Simple pagination control for PDF output

Feb 26, 2019

(Apologies if this request is in the wrong section of the website - I did look, I promise!)

Obviously I use Rise for eLearning content development and delivery, and also to:

  • Create instructor-led course documentation 
  • Interactive online manuals 

Idea: My product enhancement request is for a simple way to force a page break to better control pagination when the intention is to publish a pdf document. 

User Story: PDFs are incredibly useful in blended learning courses; where instructions and activities require group work, or where background information is handed out.  As a course author I want to control where pagination occurs in a pdf so that a person has a consistent reading experience.

How it might work: The way I think this may work is a simple page break block be created it appears only in Edit mode (perhaps as a red dotted line across the screen) that can be placed before subheadings or an image or activity.  The page break does not affect online viewing of the Rise course but does force text and images or activities to appear on the next page of a PDF (onscreen or paper)

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