Storyline Block "Jumping" in Browser Window

Apr 27, 2018


I'm wondering if anyone else has run into a similar issue: I built a long, narrow Storyline activity to incorporate into a course in Rise. The learner will scroll down to the "overlay" window to complete the activities. Most of the time, the screen stays there and the learner is able to seamlessly click through the activities, but in a few of these activities, when the learner selects the correct answer, the page jumps back up to the top of the Rise page and the learner has to scroll all the way back down to see the window. Is there a setting somewhere that indicates how the Storyline block is displayed and what the target point should be visually in the course? I've built another similar long-view Storyline activity and incorporated it into Rise, and it always seems to "sense" where the learner is in the page without all this jumping.

Is this anything under our control, or does Rise just decide what part of the screen it will display automatically with no control for the developer?

Here is the Storyline activity in question:

Thank you to anyone who can assist! This community is the best. :)

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Lauren Parker

Hi Leslie!

It's happening in both Chrome and Edge, and it is only happening with certain activities. Here's a link to the Peek I recorded to show you what happens:

Thank you for any insight you might have!

Lauren Parker

Hi Whitney!

Unfortunately, no real resolution. I actually was just dealing with this again on Friday with this same course, 3 years later! Our initial resolution was to put everything on layers, adjusting the tabbing order, and some other things I've forgotten. I ended up having to rebuild a layer, then copy, hold my breath and stand on my head to get it to stop jumping on Friday. I'm afraid to touch it again--even looking at it could break it again.

Lesson learned: Do not do a long Storyline block in Rise. It looks cool, but not worth the hassle.

I can try to help you troubleshoot based on recent experience, though. Feel free to reach out!

Kim Ervin

I am running into this same issue. We have three software simulations built using Storyline 360. When clicking through them in Rise, the screen jumps down after each click requiring the learner to scroll up to completely see the next screen. This activity is taking place in Chrome, while previewing the course in Review360, and the SL block (in Rise) is set to medium. We have used Storyline360 to build software sims then inserted them into a Rise block in the past without issue. I'm curious about the status of this issue. Thank you in advance for any information. 😊

Don Westover

Hi, since Articulate is aware of this and is documented as a possible bug, please provide an update as to when this will be resolved or at the very least a relative timeline. There are too many bugs that go unresolved for years and we all need to know if this is a short-term, temporary bug that will get resolved or if it is something we will need to take into consideration for the long-term, foreseeable future. 

Tiffany Major

Hi everyone. I've just logged the same issue with Support. It's getting to the point I'm reluctant to use Storyline and embed it into Rise due to all the 'jumping' the interaction performs each time the learner (or myself) clicks on Next/Prev as one example. It's almost like there needs to be an 'anchor' setting that would lock the Storyline block, preventing it from moving. Fingers crossed!

Don Westover

The following is the response I received from support:

Thanks for contacting Articulate Support!

I'm sorry that you're seeing problems with your Storyline project that's embedded in your Rise course. Let me assist you with this!

Thanks so much for letting us know about this issue. It appears that if the Storyline block is not centered and some portions of it are not seen in the browser, it repositions itself when you navigate through the Storyline course. It is being logged as a possible software bug.

 As a workaround, you can try any of the following:

1) Make sure the Storyline block is centered on the browser when viewing it Or

2) If viewed on a laptop where the screen is small, and the block will appear bigger, zoom out of the browser, so the entire block is seen on the page.

Our engineers were already made aware of this however, there's no development on this bug yet. We'll email you as soon as we have an update.

Basically, all we can do at this point is to include a note to our learners that is placed above the Storyline block that reads something like this:

NOTE: If you experience the screen automatically jumping/scrolling when interacting with the block below, try zooming out on your browser window to ensure the entire block below is visible on your screen. Typically, you can press the Ctrl and "-" key to zoom out.