Storyline Block "Jumping" in Browser Window


I'm wondering if anyone else has run into a similar issue: I built a long, narrow Storyline activity to incorporate into a course in Rise. The learner will scroll down to the "overlay" window to complete the activities. Most of the time, the screen stays there and the learner is able to seamlessly click through the activities, but in a few of these activities, when the learner selects the correct answer, the page jumps back up to the top of the Rise page and the learner has to scroll all the way back down to see the window. Is there a setting somewhere that indicates how the Storyline block is displayed and what the target point should be visually in the course? I've built another similar long-view Storyline activity and incorporated it into Rise, and it always seems to "sense" where the learner is in the page without all this jumping.

Is this anything under our control, or does Rise just decide what part of the screen it will display automatically with no control for the developer?

Here is the Storyline activity in question:

Thank you to anyone who can assist! This community is the best. :)

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Lauren Parker

Hi Leslie!

It's happening in both Chrome and Edge, and it is only happening with certain activities. Here's a link to the Peek I recorded to show you what happens:

Thank you for any insight you might have!