Rise 360 in Webflow hosted site?

Mar 26, 2020

Hello everyone,

 I'm very new to Articulate and Rise 360. It seems great so far in my limited experience. My question is: can I create a lesson in Rise 360 and put it on my Webflow page. Webflow is a responsive web design tool and hosting site. I know I can save for the web but I do not know how to get the content on the web page. Any help or direction will be appreciated.



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Larry! I had a quick look at the Webflow tutorial information, and I'm not seeing any indication that they support uploading a package of web content. You may want to confirm with their support team.

Rise 360 output includes a package of files that are needed to support the media and interactions of your lessons. There are web design services that allow you to upload media and design a site with their templates, but they don't host web content you've created with other tools.

Let me know what you find out from them! Some alternative hosting solutions can be found here, in the meantime.