Rise 360 - Matching type question is not adjusting to the screen

Jun 28, 2021


What could be the reason why the "Matching" quiz question in Rise does not match the screen resolution, and as a result in some cases the descriptions are outside of the boxes?

Has anyone encountered such a problem?

Thanks in advance,


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Dominika! Thanks so much for reporting this to us. Does this problem happen on a desktop computer or a mobile device? 

If you're seeing it on a desktop computer, do you notice a difference if you click-and-drag the edge of the web browser to resize it? 

If you're able to share a screenshot of what you're seeing, that would be helpful! 

Dominika Dędek

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for reply.

This problem happen on my laptop. When I try to move the window to another larger screen, it looks fine for me. Similar situation when using ctrl +/-.

I will add, that this problem occurred after adding SCORM on the LMS. During the preview stage, I didn't notice such a problem.

Could you send me the link to a "safe place" where I can leave my screenshot? I do not want to make it public.

Best regards,