Rise 360 or Storyline 360 lessons in Thinkific - how to require completion?

Feb 09, 2023

Hi everyone, I'm building a course in Thinkific and using Rise 360 and Storyline 360 to create lessons and import them as Multi-media lessons (via zip file). However, the "complete and continue" button in Thinkific is available throughout the lesson, allowing the learner to mark the lesson complete even if they haven't done it. Does anyone know of a way (perhaps some custom coding?) to require that the learner complete the activities in the Rise or Storyline lesson before they can mark the lesson complete in Thinkific?

Thanks so much,.

~Ax Axmaker

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Whitney Lowe

Were you ever able to find a solution for this issue as we are grappling with the same problem. It seems a big issue is that Thinkifiic doesn't have many of the functionalities (like SCORM compliance) of a full blown LMS. However, I thought of a way to possibly shoe-horn this a little to make it work. Our big concern was tracking compliance of course completion. I haven't done this yet, so don't know if it would work, but here's the theoretical model. 

Within your Rise course include dividers that require people to complete the content above. At the end of the Rise module create a quiz in Storyline and load that quiz into a Storyline block into the Rise course. Set the Storyline course to output xAPI statements to an external LRS (like Watershed). Then export the student completion data from Watershed to Google Sheets, Airtable, or any other database solution. The external database acts sort of like the LMS to verify completion of the activities. 

While this doesn't keep people from moving forward in the modules in Thinkific, it does add a layer of verification of completion if you need to go back and record that for compliance reasons.