Rise 360: Require learners to complete a Storyline block before moving on

Hi all, 

I've created a timeline in Engage 360 and imported it to Storyline 360. Then published the storyline file to Review 360 and added to Rise 360 using a Storyline block. 

I'd like learners to click through all events on the timeline before moving on to the next block in my Rise course. May I know what triggers/settings I need to add to achieve this? 

Below are the settings I have set in Engage/Storyline/Rise 360 respectively: 

  • Engage 360 settings: user can advance in any order (no previous/next button)
  • Storyline 360: no previous/next button
  • Rise 360: Want to make sure learners have clicked all events on the timeline before moving on to the next block

I'd appreciate any ideas. Thank  you very much!

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Sharon Keung

Hi Lea, thanks a lot for your reply! 

For Engaged 360 added to Storyline, it doesn't have a tracking option if I don't add one. So I've tried to add a course completion based on a timeline completion trigger (e.g. when the timeline ends on this slide > complete course).

Then I upload this to Rise 360 followed by a 'Continue' button which requires learner to complete the content block directly above. 

The moment the Storyline block has loaded up in Rise, it's being considered 'completed' and the 'Continue' button is being triggered and allows learners to proceed without reviewing the storyline block at all. May I know do you have any advise on this?