Rise 360 - Version Control

Mar 08, 2021

Hi Everyone :)

What is the best way to track different versions on Rise?

Occasionally there is a need/requirement to go back and review previous versions of an induction. Any changes to a rise induction are automatically saved and you can't save as a different version.

Does anyone have a recommendation or trick to deal with this?

Thank you!

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Karl Muller

Hi Ashley,

As Rise does not have any version control functions, we do all our course version control outside of Rise.

All of our master course content resides in Word documents. Any course updates and versioning happens in version controlled copies of the Word docs. Word has many tools to assist in detailed version tracking.

The Word doc is always the master, not the Rise course.

High level version control, who made the change, current version date, etc. is summarized in an Excel file. This summary info (date of last update) appears in the course information section. Each date the course was updated appears in the Rise course. If you want more info, look at the Excel tracking file, that will direct you to the Word master.

We have a single version of each course in Rise that is updated to match the master Word doc.

Julie Stelter

@Karl or other RISE users, do you ever have misspellings occur while creating the PDF and Word document? The misspellings aren't in RISE, but some letters go missing in the publishing and republishing process. It doesn't happen all of the time. However, we always experience spacing issues that some reviewers have difficulty getting past. 

 Thanks for the version control tip that can also double as a backup.



Karl Muller

Hi G G,

We don't use Review 360 at all. The reason for this is that reviewer comments are not associated with the block it relates to. All review comments are lumped together. 

We need Review 360 comments to work just like they do in MS Word.

The way Review 360 comments currently works, means we cannot use it.

One again we MS Word to obtain and record reviewer comments. We send our reviewers the SHARE link to view the course, and they make their comments in the Word document.

Fran Porter

Hi Karl, the reviewer comments should appear alongside the associated block that it relates to in Review. This isn't easy to tell when leaving the comment, but in Review, you should be able to click the 'feedback' tab to see all comments, and there will be a screenshot of which block the user was looking at when they added each comment. 


I also considered the option of exporting the Rise module as a PDF for version control, but I found that the exported PDF doesn't include which answers of quiz questions are selected as correct or what text is included in the feedback comments.


Instead, I've started including the published date and version number in small text at the start of the Rise module and then publish this into Articulate Review at the same time as publishing it for the LMS. Then I go into Review and add comments alongside the relevant block to clarify what was changed from the previous version (such as 'Change from v1 to v2: Previous text 'XZY' changed to 'XYZ'). This way, Review can be used as a version control mechanism for Rise as you can look back to see previous versions published in Review. 


I'm keen to hear if anyone else is using this method and if it's working well or if they have run into any problems with it, as I've only just started using this approach…