Rise and images

Hi there - is there any information regarding how image sizes are formatted into Rise? I.e., what are the aspect ratios required?

For example, if I select a panorama image for the front banner, Rise will resize the image. This is frustrating as I may have an image with a persons head, which then gets cut off by Rise - which leads to a trial and error process of edit elsewhere/reload to Rise/rinse and repeat.

Happy to be pointed too any articles or posts about this.


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Tom Kuhlmann

There are no set guidelines, but here's what I usually recommend:

Banners: I use a 3:1 aspect ratio. Imagine it as three squares connected. If you keep the focal point in the middle third, the cropping works out OK.

For most images, I use 16:9. They fill the most of the interactions.

Image gird and flashcards are square so, 1:1 is a good aspect ratio.