Rise and lesson completion

Jul 31, 2017

Good morning, all.  

I have a Rise course with free navigation. The problem is users aren't scrolling to the bottom of the lesson. Instead, they're using the left-hand panel to move to the next lesson. As a result, the lessons don't get marked as complete. I narrate about this in the course intro but that's not working. If I make it restricted navigation, that might make then consider scrolling down to the point where it triggers completion.

Have you had a similar problem and come up with a solution?


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Luke Benfield

We are running into this issue as well. We decided that if we do need to record a completion in our LMS (vs just having a resource uploaded to sharepoint) then we change it to restricted navigation. 

It's not ideal, but I'll take limited options when I can build a quick course in a day versus creating something from scratch that will take a week or two...

Hope that helps.

Cheryl Hoover

That's what I figured I needed to do. It's kind of funny because this is one of the very few courses I've done that wasn't linear, so I was excited to keep it set to free! 

It makes me wish there was an option to have the left-hand panel for view only but they have to click the next lesson down at the end of the screen.

Thanks, Luke. I appreciate the comment.

James Kruck

Just jumping into this conversation to see if there is a way to do this. 

In my specific scenario, I want learners to be able to print their certificates after taking as much of the course as they deem is relevant to their work. The navigation in the course is free, so I don't expect them to complete every lesson. 

Ideally, there'd be a block that allows them to mark all blocks as complete (and not just the ones in the lesson or those directly above). 

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