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Avtar Jagpal

It does look like there is a way to take off the "Take Again" label.  In the settings of your course there is a item called "labels" which show all the variations of text for the labels across the course.  There is one that says "Take Again"...I deleted what was associated with that label and left it blank, and that worked. 

Avtar Jagpal

I used this in a "Quiz" and when I removed the label, it took the button away and the text away which is what i wanted.  Maybe we are referring to a different function..seemed to work on my end.   But yes you are right in that if you take the label off it applies to all quizzes and knowledge verification across the course. 

Jesica Garrou

@Avtar, yes! I found that immediately after posting this. It's better than the words. But there are still the icons that imply "right " and "wrong." 

@Karl, I wasn't meaning right and wrong should go away entirely, but the option to not have them. There are times when of course I want to tell someone they are wrong.

Richard Barkey

While it's a bit frustrating that a lot of these requests just sit for a long time without any action, I did want to share with the group a very simple workaround for this one: In the labels settings I've changed "TAKE AGAIN" to "Try again if you wish!" and that seems to have reduced the confusion quite a bit. Obvious, perhaps, but it works!