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Michelle Hochberg

Hi Ashley, 

Is Rise supposed to "bookmark" the last lesson or block type that the learner left off at?

I've built and exported (via xAPI) two Rise courses and find that they are not tracking completion progress. When I leave a course midway, and relaunch it, I am not consistently taken back to the spot where I left off. I've opened a support ticket in the meantime...


Meghan Castillo

Hi! I'm asking to follow up on Michelle's question above.
I've built multiple RISE courses for learners which are then uploaded to our LMS.
If a user takes the RISE course and exits the course after completing 3 of the 5 blocks. Upon returning, the progress is lost and he's not prompted to "resume where he left off", and instead has to restart the course.
Is there a workaround for allowing the user to leave the course prior to completing, then return to resume at the same place where they left off?
Thank you!

Michelle Hochberg

Hi Meghan!

So curious: what LMS are you using. We're working with LearnUpon. We've found that there's no issue with bookmarking (we get taken back to the same screen/block where left off) but that the suspend data (which retains previous progress) is not being passed successfully.

We don't encounter this issue with SCORM 1.2 exports.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michelle and Megan, 

Rise courses will resume the lesson you left off in, based on the LMS offering bookmarking capability. So for example, if you had partially completed a timeline then the next time you open the course you will be positioned at the top of the timeline, if you had partially completed a process then the next time you open the course you will be positioned at the beginning of the process. 

It won't return you to where you left off in the timeline though. The issue with the progress bar and completion circles is something our team is taking a look at as a potential bug. So I'll keep you posted here as I have any more information on that! 

Whitney Miller-Nichols

Hey guys -- I have had this problem with Articulate and my LMS (Torch). I am working with my LMS to see if it's an issue on their end, but found this thread today and wanted to see if others were still having this problem. I did have a work ticket with Articulate in January 2019 and was told to work with my LMS.



Louise Lindop

In case anyone stumbles across this thread, this issue still exists on some LMSs with Rise content exported via xAPI. You will be taken back to the correct point in the Rise module however the already visited sections will not be marked as complete. This was identified as a bug by Articulate Support in July 2018 however has not yet been fixed.

Pankaj Agrawal

Hi Louise

In case of SCORM it depends totally on the LMS. In case of xAPI, it depends a lot on the LRS being used (though some LMSes have inbuilt LRS). 

It might always be helpful to others if you point out the LMS/LRS and their version being used.

We have also noticed that, the progress is messed up if you update the package. For example if you have a course with 5 lessons inside it in one package. And after 6 months you add a sixth one. The old user's progress gets unpredictable. 

(from GrassBlade)



Louise Lindop

Thanks Pankaj

I'm using the LearnUpon LMS, but this behaviour is also seen on other LMSs. Not all, but some. Obviously I can't test in lots of LMSs, but at the time I tested in Litmos and found the problem. I tested in Docebo and didn't find the problem. Articulate say it is a bug.

I would expect that the progress could well be messed up if the package is updated and the content overwritten in the LMS. That's fair enough. I know some LMSs allow you an option to clear resume data when you update content.


Crystal Horn

Hi Louise! Thanks for sharing your experience with the community. 

We still have this issue open for investigation. I see that Jon was working with you and Alan from LearnUpon, and we reached back out to Alan for more information regarding a potential resolution. I'll ask Jon to touch base with you as well. Thanks!

Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Salim!

When a Rise 360 course is hosted in an LMS, learners can exit and resume with their progress intact. Rise does not ask the learner if they want to resume — the course will automatically pick up at the beginning of the last lesson or quiz where they left off.

Web-only courses will always start over at the beginning.

Michael McMeekin

Hello, jumping on this thread as we have seen a recent uptick in issues with Rise not reporting back completion and not retaining progress. To add to the confusion, this is occurring mostly in Chrome, if we switch to unsupported IE or Edge, progress tracks and completion is captured. We are currently using Success Factors in conjunction with SAP as the LMS. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


Crystal Horn

Hi Michael. We've seen this issue with the latest version of Google Chrome as well as with Edge (since it uses the same Chromium browser engine). It doesn't happen with all LMSs, but it does happen with quite a few.

We're looking at this behavior to see if we can make changes to Rise 360 output that will help. While we're working on it:

  • Using an Exit Course link (step 4 here) to close the course rather than closing the browser window seems to help.
  • Also, Chrome users can take these steps to allow Rise courses to resume and correctly report completion when they close their browser window to exit a course:
    • Open Chrome browser
    • Go to chrome://flags/#allow-sync-xhr-in-page-dismissal
    • Change the drop-down selection from "Default" or "Disabled" to "Enabled"
Crystal Horn

Hi everyone. Thank you for giving us some time to explore this issue.

Chrome has deprecated a technology that was used by many LMSs to allow a course to communicate back to the LMS when the course window is closed. If your LMS hasn't upgraded their system, or if you're using an older version of your LMS that doesn't include an update to address this change, the course cannot communicate progress or completion properly. This causes learners to start over from the beginning instead of resuming a course or recording completion after they close the browser window.

Please reach out to your LMS and find out if they have released an update to address the Chrome changes. If you need support from us with the technical details, please let us know by starting a case with us here.

Curtis Marquardt

Here's a solution that LearnUpon found after we experienced this issue. When you go to export a Rise course, Articulate automatically populates the identifier field (not sure why they do?). Anyway, this seems to change the index.html file in the XML doc to include a long string of random numbers in that address. This in turn causes the bookmarking to not function properly in LearnUpon. The solution: delete that automatically-generated identifier code prior to exporting the course and leave it blank. It fixes everything and the bookmarking works as it should. Note, that we export as TinCan files. So I can't say with 100% certainty it fixes SCORM files, but I do know it does fix TinCan files as I have tested it.