Rise and Storyline embed-Preview Mode Issue

Dec 22, 2023


I'm creating a series of courses for advanced practice providers, and I know they would like to use their phones and tablets. I recently noticed that when I view a course in tablet or mobile mode, it shows the embedded Storyline file with the play button and name of the file (see image).

However, viewing it in desktop mode shows the SL interaction, which is what I want.  See below. 

Why is this different? How do I get rid of the play button on the tablet mode? 

Thank you!


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Kandice,

To prevent audio and video from playing automatically, some browsers require the user to click something to indicate they want the media to play. Because, let's face it, the web is chock full of crappy clips we don't want to hear or see. 

However, this can impact a Storyline block (or course). Thus, the Play button appears so the user has something to click to indicate they want to continue.

Here is Articulate's article about it (a bit outdated, but it provides the basic info):

Judy Nollet

There are also a few threads that mention SL blocks showing the Play button in Tablet or Phone mode while previewing, even if there's no media. For example (from https://community.articulate.com/discussions/rise-360/storyline-blocks-within-rise): 

So it seems to be  an issue when Previewing, but not necessarily when someone is going through the course in an LMS. Then again, system and browser updates keep changing what happens on actual devices, so I suggest you test on a smartphone.