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Aug 10, 2020

Hi can you get a content expert to add audio into your rise course directly if they don't have a 360 licence, without having to record outside of rise and insert an audio file separately? 

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Eve Walsh

Hi Karl,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

We have a very technical powerpoint that we are trying to create a pre-read interactive module quickly from. We haven't got the time (or skill level) to use storyline so thought RISE would work. The problem is its needs alot of  audio from a product expert to help explain the content, is there any workaround?They don't have a 360 account, but are internal to our business.

Eve Walsh

It's for my teammate, she said its a really complex and long presentation she is trying to put into rise (she is a first time user of rise), so it would be very time consuming to do it this way and we are super under resourced and busy at the moment. Hoping the colleague with the 60 day free trial could directly do the audio piece and also good for them to become exposed to rise also.
Is this available option?

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Jennifer Self

Hello Alyssa  - I just posted a similar question in another thread.  I need to add audio narration to a RISE course.  I thought about using PEEK to record the instructor delivering the course live on zoom.  But I also like the idea of adding audio narration directly in RISE.  What audio recording program would you recommend for the instructor to use ? 

Also, I only see a way to add audio in blocks, which I assume the learner would need to  click "play" on every time?    That is a lot of clicking play if every block is narrated.  If I added an audio block at the beginning of the lesson then it wouldn't follow along as the learned scrolled through the lesson, correct?

Any suggestions on how best to do this welcome, thanks!

Chino Navarro

Hi Jennifer. Rise blocks that allow audio has a button to directly record audio into the block.

Here is a screenshot of it:

We don't have a recommended third-party tool to record your audio. I would leave that up to the community to share their favorites apps.

That is correct; the learner needs to click on play to hear the audio, and the audio will not follow the learner as they scroll through the course. You can opt to use Storyline or create a Storyline interaction and upload it into your Rise 360 course.

For example, in Storyline, you can set the audio to automatically play as soon as the timeline starts. Your learner can navigate through different slide layers while keeping the audio playing on the base layer.