Rise Bug: Contextual Menu for Editing Font

Aug 22, 2023


I'm encountering a frustrating issue in Rise relating to the contextual menu that appears for editing font when you highlight text.

When I enter Rise and access one of my courses, I can edit the text/font without an issue. The problem occurs as follows:

  • I insert a text block with a paragraph (such as heading with paragraph, paragraph, etc.), or I change an existing text block to an alternate one with the paragraph component.
  • I highlight the text I'd like to edit.
  • The contextual menu appears with options relating to font.
  • I select the parameter I'd like to adjust (such as size).
  • The menu vanishes without letting me adjust that parameter.
  • I have tried deleting the block and inserting the block but the issue persists. I have inserted a new block, but the issue persists.

This doesn't just occur on size, it does this for every available parameter (color, justification, all of it). The only way I can get this to work correctly again is to exit Rise and load it back up. I'm using Google Chrome as my default web browser and it is up to date.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and found a way around/past it?

Kind regards,


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