Rise Check Box

Mar 27, 2018

I am adding the checkbox list, and was wondering if there was any way if the end user could come back to this screen later with the check boxes still checked if they leave that screen and come back later?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Anna.  Rise will save your completion progress in a lesson and in the course, but it won't save the state of every block interaction or lesson type.

Your learners will return to where they left off in these lesson types:

  • Process
  • Sorting Activity
  • Video
  • Quiz

I'm happy to submit a feature request for you, though, to have the state of those other interactions saved when learners switch between lessons!

Saraswathy Ashok

I have used the checkbox functionality for this purpose:

The learner has to go though an attached document and click the checkbox. Only on confirming that, the learner can move on to the next page as I have set the Continue block setting as "Complete Block Directly Above".

And yes I see, that when the learner revisits that page during that session itself, the state of the checkbox is not saved but this time I do not have to click the checkbox again to navigate to the next page.

My question is when you are resuming the course in an LMS at a later point:

When the overall course progress is saved, will it be saved that the learner has already clicked the check box?  I understand the checkbox will look unchecked (for that I may have a note that it is not required to click the checkbox again if they have already done it once). But will the learner have to repeat the process of the clicking the checkbox one more time to proceed with that lesson?

Christopher Santos

Hi Lindsey,

You can try out this workaround proposed by Ben Mckenna.  He provided excellent instruction on saving the state of the checkboxes after navigating away from the page or even closing out the browser window and reopening it.

I tried it out and can confirm it still works when I tested a Rise 360 course in SCORM Cloud.

If you have further questions about the implementation, please reach out to Ben in the original post.