Rise Closed Caption Character Limit before Line Break

Jun 10, 2022


Does anyone know of the precise character limit of CCs in a given segment before the single line becomes two?

Our content has limited screen space and the two lines of CC text is no good. 

Another note is the size of the text from original content being built in Camtasia doesn't translate as Rise has its own default, so this has become a pain point as we develop content. 

Thanks in advance for any answers to this query!


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Lea Agato

Hi Nick! So sorry to hear you're having trouble with your closed captions in Rise.  You mentioned that you're creating the video in Camtasia. Are you uploading a caption (vtt file) or is it hard coded in the Camtasia video? Could you share the exact steps that you're following when you encounter this issue? If you can share a screenshot, that would also be very helpful!