Translated labels for Rise Course exceeding label character limit

Aug 12, 2019

Hello, I'm in the process of producing one of my Rise courses in different languages, and it's mostly working quite smoothly, however two of my .xlf files for the labels reported an 'Internal server error' and would not upload. I am now manually copying and pasting the translations from the .xlf file into Rise, which is rather laborious. I have also found that some of the label fields appear to have a character limit which is not sufficient to accommodate my translated text.

For example the field for this label: Must pass quiz before continuing does not accommodate the translation Deve ser aprovado no questionário antes de continuar. It ony allows me to paste Deve ser aprovado no questionário antes de co

There does not seem to have been a character restriction issue with the .xlf files that did upload correctly (ie the ones I am not inputting manually). Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Kathryn. It sounds like the error is caused by fields exceeding the character limits for labels. Each label field has a distinct character limit.

As an alternative, can you shorten the label text in the .xlf file before importing it into the relevant version of the course? That way, you won't have to manually input every label; just make changes in the longer ones.

I'd love for us to make sure there isn't another reason for the error, however. Feel free to share the details with us here privately, and we can give specific next steps.

Kathryn Raybould

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for responding! I think the character limit needs to be extended in that case. Some languages will just require more characters to express the same idea. It does not seem reasonable to expect users to edit their correctly translated labels to meet character limits imposed by the software. Even if it was clear what the character limits were (it sounds like they may be different for each label?), I would not be able to do this without going back to my translators at additional expense. Would extending or removing the character limit not be the best fix for everyone? Many thanks.

Kamonasish Bhattacharjee

Even I have the same issue. I absolutely agree with Kathryn because I am facing issues with Brazilian PT and JP text and labels. I am constantly being asked by my other team mates how they can paste a longer sentence and I don't have any answer. RISE certainly needs to be more translation-friendly. 

Kathryn Raybould

I created the original post back in 2019, and it seems this has still not been corrected. I consider this a fault with the software rather than a feature request. The label fields should accommodate correct translations without imposting character limits. It shouldn't be up to the users to work around the fault by re-phrasing correctly translated text. Is there an update from Articulate about this please?

Steven Benassi

Hi Kathryn!

Thanks for checking in on this!

I don't have any updates to share at this time, as our development team has been prioritizing other features. Not to worry! I see you've been included in the feature report and we'll be sure to provide updates if it makes it onto our Feature Roadmap.

In the meantime, here's a deeper look at how we manage feature requests.