Rise completion

Dec 06, 2022


I've created a course in Rise. I've included a couple of buttons at the start and dependent on which button someone clicks they will either continue to take the whole course and assessment or be taken straight to the end page. 

My issue is that I doubt whether the LMS will report the module as 'completed' for the people who click the second button and miss out the content & assessment. 

This is because the tracking is either based on successfully passing the assessment or completion of all of the 'slides. 

Is this my understanding correct? 

If so, would the outcome be any different If I created the course in Storyline?

Thanks in advance,

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Christopher Santos

Hi Oliver,

You are correct that Rise will track either quiz results or course completion.

If you are familiar with using Storyline, you can use this to create the scenario you described.

There are several ways this can be done.  One method I can think of is using a branching set of slides.  You can create a slide where one path will take a user to the end of the course (where a course completion will trigger upon reaching this slide), and the other path leads to the whole course.

For tracking, you will want to select both quiz results and triggers.  Whichever one gets completed first will be reported to the LMS.

I have attached an example of this method just in case you need a reference.

We can also wait for others in the community to chime in with their ideas.