Rise Course and Taleo Learn

We really want to use Rise because it is much quicker and easier to build in than Storyline, but I don't think it is compatible with our LMS.  I created a quick course and uploaded to my FTP and then to my LMS like I do with all of my other Storyline courses and it won't open.  I keep getting an error message that the file type is not supported.  I am using the same imsmanifest.xml that I use for all other courses.  Thoughts?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Sarah.  I'm hopeful there's just a missing piece to this process that we can fix so that your Rise output plays from your learning management system.

  • When you export your content from Rise, what LMS format are you choosing?
  • Rise will deliver a zipped package which can typically be uploaded directly to your LMS.  You mentioned your FTP, however.  Can you describe a little more about how you use your FTP?  Are you hosting your Rise content externally from your LMS?

Thanks for the extra info!