Rise, course completed... is there a button for this?

Jan 30, 2018


Im a complete novice here and have just completed my first module on Rise! One thing i can't work out is at the end of my course, where does the learner go next? Is there the possibility of adding a button at the end to say exit or course complete or return to menu? Im not adding a quiz in this instance, the course is complete once all lessons are done. 

I hope that makes sense...?!

Thanks in advance

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Daniel Bolia

Most of my courses are just uploaded to a web server then linked to on a separate client's website. The anchor tag on the web page is configured to open the course in a new tab or browser window (based on user's settings.) As such, I would like a more elegant method for the users to exit the course. Currently, I just have a sentence to let them know that the course is done and to close their browser window.

Thank you,


Jesse Kortuem

Hi There,

Is there a button that can be used to mark a Rise module complete and exit the course? I am trying to track quiz results in our LMS, but want the learner to still be marked complete if they fail the quiz.

Adding a button that will mark the module complete and exit the course is my only option.   

Karl Muller

Typically a LMS will keep track of two states:

  • Completion
  • Passed

Note: your LMS may use different words.

If the learner meets the conditions you have set for course completion, the LMS will record "completed". E.g. the learner must complete the Quiz to get a completion status for the entire course.

If the learner met the criteria for course mastery, the LMS will also record "passed".

So depending on your LMS you may see these states:

  • Not started
  • In progress/incomplete
  • Completed/Failed
  • Completed/Passed

These states should be sent automatically from the Rise course to the LMS and should not require creating a special button.

Sarah Bluma

So am I correct in understanding how this works: If I don't have a quiz at the end, and I want the training to be marked complete in the LMS, I need to add an Exit Course button? 

I think this approach is fine, except that when learners don't realize they need to click on the button (because it is in the top right corner of the page), and they close the module, their status along the course is not being recorded and they need to start over. What am I missing here?

Karl Muller

Hi Sarah,

As the course does not have a quiz, you  need to select Track using completion and choose a percentage of the course that needs to be viewed to achieve completion.

We have made our learners aware that they need to click on the Exit Course link to record their status.

It took some getting used to initially but now everyone does it.



Then what happens when the student press exit course by the exit course link? Is everything recorded to the LMS - so that if a student has missed any module it wont be marked as complete?

When the student uses the ever present exit course link - is the course then set to complete or is it just at button to be able to jump in and out of the course and start of where you where before?

cheers, Magnus

Sarah Leddon

My LMS, Docebo, already has a "close course" button at all times top right, directly above the exit course link.


What I really want is for there to be a "course complete! click here to close this course" button like I can do in Articulate Storyline. Can this be done, or at least a message "course complete! you have been given credit and can safely close this course using the button in the top right of your screen" (much more unwieldy)?

Lauren Franza

So now that Rise has all these themes and you can change the Navigation bar (I am trying to use Compact instead of Sidebar), how does the learner know they are complete with the course? I do not want to restrict their navigation. I'd like them to be able to go in whatever order they'd like through the lessons, but this creates a frustrating user experience because they cannot easily see that they've met all criteria. 

I tried to see if I could add a button at the bottom of each lesson that would take them back to the main screen where they can see all the checkmarks, but this does not seem possible. Any ideas?