Rise course corrupting in LMS (NetLearning)

Oct 04, 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm hoping for some help in solving a mystery.  I created a course in Rise that uses several Storyline blocks.  The Storyline blocks contain text and the final block is an interactive quiz.  Everything works fine until I get it into our LMS (NetLearning).  we just launched the course and right away, a learner contacted us to say that it was telling her all of her correct answers were incorrect--she sent screenshots to support what she was saying and she is right!  Also, when a learner goes back to revisit a Storyline block they've already visited, the text contains all kinds of nonsense--like weird characters throughout the text.  Has anyone ever seen this happen or have any idea what's going on?  I can't recreate the correct answers being counted as incorrect, but I can see the corrupted text when I go through the course in the LMS.  Is this an issue with our LMS?  Any thoughts?  Thanks!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amie. Since there are a few different pieces here, I'd like us to work more closely with you on figuring out what's happening to the text in your Storyline blocks. I'm opening a case so we can help!

In the meantime, if any folks in the community using NetLearning have seen similar behavior, please feel free to jump in with your experience!

Amie Gustavson

Thank you! I wasn’t sure how to open a support ticket and figured I would try the forum first. Hopefully we can figure this out so I don’t have to rethink my decision to switch from Lectora to Articulate 360! I really like what I’m able to do with Storyline and Rise. Thanks!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alex! Thanks for letting us know you're running into this issue, too. Are your learners seeing incorrect text within Storyline Blocks? If so, what web browser were they using when this happened? We've seen this problem occur when learners are using Internet Explorer. 

If you can share a screenshot of what your learners are seeing, that would be really helpful!