Rise course / Scorm 1.2 not tracking progress in LMS

Sep 09, 2020


We've had an issue with a lengthy course made in Rise, which is then exported as as a Scorm 1.2 package, and uploaded successfully to our LMS. Students are finding that if the package crashes, or they lose connection mid-course, then upon re-loading their progress is not saved, and they have to start over again.

I've had a look through the settings and I can find nothing to prevent this from happening... Any ideas?


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Tom Copping

Hi Alyssa, thanks for getting back to me. They were using Google Chrome. This course is made up of multiple lessons. After some testing, if I exit the course myself halfway through, the LMS does remember where I last got to.

However, the complaint is if the user does not exit themselves, then it does not remember. This is a 3 hour course, so this can be very frustrating for the user.

Crystal Horn

Hello, Salman. It sounds like there could be a problem with either the course or the LMS interpreting suspend data. Suspend data is all of the information about what a learner has done in a course so far.

A good next step to rule out the problem on the LMS side is to test your course in SCORM Cloud. If it doesn't resume in SCORM Cloud, or if you need help testing, let us know by clicking here. We can look at your course and see if we can spot the trouble!

Vicky Walker

Kia ora Gren!

Thanks so much for your reply, have a wonderful day 😊

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