Articulate Rise not saving progress for learners

Hello Articulate Community! 

I am working on publishing a number of course using Rise to our LMS (Moodle) and am hoping to improve the experience from my last set of courses. In my last courses - I am now receiving quite a bit of feedback that users are struggling with their courses saving their progress. 

The feedback I have received is as follows: 

User enters course - completes entire training, during the training check marks on left hand side menu appear and then disappear or never appear at all, even though the user has progressed through the entire section. Users have had to go back multiple times to recomplete sections that they had previously completed in order for the course to be marked complete ( a mandatory requirement to complete the course exam and finish the course).

I saw a few older posts about this topic but it didn't appear that there was much resolution. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? The courses I am working on have very high numbers in terms of completions (in the 1000's) so I am hoping to provide them with a better experience this time around.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mish. The first step in troubleshooting we took was to compare how the course behaved in SCORM Cloud. I'm not sure if the issue is resolved on Nicole's end.

This article gives a comprehensive breakdown of how each SCORM standard handles reporting success and completion.

Are you having issues with learners resuming your course where they left off? Or are they finding that when they complete a course, it is not registering as complete in the LMS?

Mish Allan

We aren't really looking at completion as we're only using Rise to deliver learning content rather than assessment. The problem we had sounds the same as Nicole's – students go in, complete a number of pages (which are ticked off in the side menu), leave, and then when they come back the course doesn't remember the last page they were on and the previously complete pages are no longer ticked off.

Crystal Horn

Thanks for clarifying, Mish. As long as students are logged into Moodle with their credentials, their courses should resume when they revisit them. This article dives deeply on the mechanics of getting a course to resume.

You can enable debug mode on a course and test it in Moodle to see if the resume data is flowing properly. We're always happy to help if you want to work one-on-one, too!

Nicole Brady

Hi Crystal, 

Sorry it took me a little while to respond on here. I have been on vacation. 

The issue is not resolved on my side. I have uploaded my content to SCORM cloud and tested. The problem is that there is no consistency in being able to reproduce the error. The error has not been corrected but it doesn't seem like there is any way to fix it. 

Essentially I was told that if it worked in SCORM cloud it wasn't a Rise issue. We use Moodle as our LMS and I have posted commented on their discussion forums and have found others who have the same issue but there doesn't seem to be anyone with any solutions. 

Super frustrating because I'm not sure where else to turn for help. The fact that I can't reproduce the error is the most problematic part. However, I consistently have users reporting the issue. 

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! What LMS system are you using? 

Jim Muirhead
Nicole Brady

The fact that I can't reproduce the error is the most problematic part. However, I consistently have users reporting the issue. 


Just to advise that we have experienced this issue for months too, and with no consistency or logic as to why and to whom progress is not recorded. 

We have some very long courses and it is understandably incredibly frustrating for users to return to a course to discover they have to start again. I first thought it was user error but I have seen it happen - live, with my own eyes. It happens when a user either closes the window or clicks the Exit link at the top. We've tried it with activities and without activities. We've tried different SCORM exports. Sometimes it will, sometimes it wont. 

We have some major clients and potentially 5k+ users completing our courses, and whilst we want to use Rise the PR risk this may bring is potentially huge. I really hope Articulate are reading this and endeavouring to do something about it, because all I get when contacting support is 'it works in SCORM cloud; it must be Moodle'. That's no longer good enough.


I'll ask our IT team to look into the debug options above and it might be time to work 1-2-1 with your team too.

Please help your loyal paying customers get this crippling issue fixed asap.

Thank you.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jim. We're here for you! I see you reached out to our team in July for a slightly different issue (updating your Rise 360 course in Moodle). We can have a look at this resume data issue as well. Using debug mode allows us to see the communication between the course and the LMS so we can be sure your output is sending the proper messages.

Start the conversation with our support engineers here, and we'll help with next steps. Also, if a suggestion doesn't work, just reply back and let us know!