Rise courses timing out in CSOD

Jun 29, 2021

Hello community!

I have several rise courses that are being used as participant guides for learners attending ILT sessions. These sessions are lengthy - ranging from 3 hours to 8. There are times when the learner is not actively engaged in the course because they're practicing in the system they're learning.  At about 50 minutes the courses are timing out and many times, not capturing progress - resulting in the learner needing to get back into the LMS (cornerstone) and launch the course again.  Our timeout length for the LMS is 24 hours. 

I'm hoping for some ideas!  Thanks!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Carolyn!

Rise 360 sends a keep-alive message to your LMS when you navigate to each lesson.

For the learners that keep a lesson open for nearly an hour and the course times out, what do they see in the LMS? Does the course close automatically? 

Also, what happens when they relaunch the course -- does it resume back to the first lesson or the last-visited lesson?