Videos in Rise Courses Freezing, Videos Spinning - Please Help, Time-Sensitive Project!

Dec 31, 2021

Videos in my Rise courses are timing out, spinning and then eventually the course will freeze. I have tried rendering all the videos at lower resolutions, but did not resolve. It is happening in both preview mode, Review 360, and once uploaded as SCORM to LMS (CSOD). It's happening to my testers as well. Does anyone have any advice!!!! I have 5 Rise courses that were due to be assigned on Jan 3rd and they are not working. Each course has anywhere from 3 to 6 video files. The courses work fine when the videos are inserted as YouTube links, but I need to have the actual video files embedded so that I can force users to watch and not fast forward. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Amy. I've opened a priority support case for you. You should receive a confirmation email, and it will include an upload link. Please share one of your SCORM files with us for testing. We'll keep everything confidential and delete your content when we're done troubleshooting.

If you're ever in a time-sensitive bind, feel free to connect with us directly here! We'll do all we can to help.