Rise doesn't permit to insert images with a copy paste

Jul 15, 2019

Even though Rise has a specific way to insert images in the blocks, as it is not available everywhere, I went ahead by using a simple copy and paste of the images as if they were part of a text copied and pasted. The problem is it has suddenly stop working. Does Rise have made any change about this? It's truly an emergency as it breaks a line of courses...

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Anna,

There was a bug in Rise 360 that allowed images to be pasted into text fields. Sadly, these images put a heavy strain on the Rise 360 database and contributed to a service outage on July 27, 2018. To prevent similar outages, we fixed the bug in our text editor, which means images can no longer be pasted into Rise 360. 

In another thread, you mentioned you were trying to add images to quiz answer choices. Are you also hoping to add images in another type of text block? If so, hopefully I can suggest a workaround!

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