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Aug 18, 2020

Hi all

I have course I have built in Rise and cannot share because of confidentiality, but I have two issues.

1. If I put any text into italics the font changes

2. When a review comment is done in the 360 review tool and a screen shot made the font is suddenly a Serif font 

Point 2 has meant we have spent a long time wondering if Rise embeds the font correctly as we thought this was how the whole thing was appearing on the users computer screens.

Point 1 is a big issue.

Any help appreciated

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Lizzie. I'm seeing the font difference in the Review 360 feedback screenshots. I'm going to look into this with my team, and we'll update you here as soon as possible.

Italicized text using the Lato font worked for me with the Share link. I'd love to get some details from you to help better!

  • Can you include a screenshot of what you see using the Share link?
  • What browser are you using? Does it make a difference if you switch browsers?
Lizzie Angell

Hi Crystal

I have attached a snippet of the Rise course page - covering over the customers name. (Again I can't share a full screen shot because the logo and information that is in it).

In the snippet you can see

1. Lato regular - the 'a' is a more decorative a. The 'f' has no tail below the line. The 'e' has a straight middle bar.

2. Italics - the 'a' is a simple rounded a. The 'f' has a drops slightly below the line. The 'e' has no straight middle bar.

Lizzie Angell

Actually it is even more obvious in the review tool - the 'f' has an even more pronounced tail on it and while the regular font looks fine in all browsers the italics+bold change from browser to browser

Crystal Horn

Thanks for sharing those images, Lizzie. I had a look at the Google Font page for Lato, and the italicized versions include the "f" tail, a softer "e," and the simple "a." 

We're still investigating the difference with using Review 360 to make sure fonts look as expected there, especially in feedback screenshots. I'll keep you posted!

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