Rise in Multiple languages

Feb 07, 2023

How can I create one course with multiple languages?

Can Rise support this within one Rise module? 

Or Can I use storyline to play 3 Rise modules in different languages, then the learner can choose the language in the beginning ?

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Judy Nollet

Both Rise and Storyline only allow you to use one language for the course's text labels. (Text labels are the default messages the program uses, such as when it asks the user if they want to resume a course, or warns a user if they click the Submit button before answering a question.) 

Thus, it is best to use a separate course for each language. That's the only way to ensure the users will see everything in their chosen language.

There are folks with JavaScript skills who could combine those separate SCORM packages into one package that allows the user to select their language. (I don't have anyone to recommend. I just know this is possible.) 

Judy Nollet

Check with your LMS folks. In some LMS's, it's possible to bundle all the languages into one "curriculum" that only requires one of the courses to be completed.

Then each user would select which course/language to complete. That would typically be done by having the title appear in the different languages. Or the LMS might have some built-in functions for doing that. So, again, you'll have to work with your LMS folks to determine the best way to do that.