Rise: insert link that opens in a new tab

Jul 15, 2021


In Rise 360, I have insert a link to a webpage. But when the learner clicks on the link, the web page opens directly (not in a new tab) and there is no way of return ing to the Rise.

Thanks for your help

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Angelo Cruz

Hello Georgina! As what Renz mentioned above, Rise 360 opens URLs or links in a new tab.

I've tested this sample Rise 360 course using different supported browsers and they all open the links in a new tab.

Are you able to replicate the behavior where links open in the same window/tab? Is the course hosted in an LMS environment or web?

Kelly Auner

Hi, Georgina!

Thanks for the clarification. You'll want to check your browser settings to see if a new window should open, or a new tab. Here are the steps I took to check my browser settings in Chrome:

  1.  Open a new browser window, type any text in the search bar, and select Enter.
  2. In the top right corner, select Quick Settings, then select See All Search Settings
  3. Scroll down to Where Results Open
    • Check the box Open each selected result in a new browser window, if you'd like a new window to open.
    • Un-check this box if you do not wish for a new window to open when you click on a link
      Search Settings 2023-03-16 at 11.22.59 AM

I hope this helps!