Rise Labeled Graphic - Blurry Image

Jan 26, 2019

Does anyone have any tips on image size to upload for the Labeled Graphic in Rise? I seem to have an issue with it rendering as blurry, even if I select Image Width as Small. (In comparison, that same image uploads clear when I upload it in the Image + Text block.)

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Tom Kuhlmann

What type of image are you inserting? 

Generally speaking, whenever you scale a bitmap image up or down it is going to degrade. Ideally, the image should be as close to the course window size as possible to avoid scaling it up or down and preserve as much clarity as possible.

Because Rise is responsive the course is going to flex based on the device screen. 

If you can share the image that may help us come up with some ideas on how to get the best quality possible.

Crystal Horn

Hello, Shani! Both of those images have small dimensions. The small image setting in a labeled graphic block uses a width of 760 pixels. If your images are not at least that wide, you might see them scaled up to fit that width, which could cause blurriness.

We've documented this behavior, and I'll make sure we update this discussion with any changes we make to accommodate smaller image files.

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