Rise "My View"

Nov 07, 2023

Hi all,

I'm finding the "My View" in Rise very unhelpful and redundant when you have a "Private" area and honestly, if I could remove the feature I would.

My one key question is: What's the point of it?

I have "Private" for anything I don't need/want to share with my team and "Team" for stuff I do. I'm not seeing the necessity for "My View".

Some points below.

  • I feel like I have limited to no control as to what appears in there. Whilst I can create folders, these currently show a disconnect with what's in "Private". It's like you've given me two "Private" areas but one is less functional than the other.
  • Whilst I can add folder in "My View" this is a totally different location to "Private".
  • Seems to be a sync issue between "My View" and wherever it's pulling items to populate it.
    • To give an idea, "My View" has folders in it which are the same as folders in "Private". I did not create the folders in "My View" so I'm assuming it pulled them from "Private". However, the content of these folders is not identical to what's in "Private".
    • When adding content to a folder, the selection of which available when doing so is only listing folders found in "Private", this content does not show in the folder of the same name under "My View".

To be honest, this is a feature I'd rather do without because of the headache it's caused me when trying to locate courses.

I ran into a problem trying to locate a course I had spent time building but couldn't find it and thought it had been deleted. Looked in the folder with the right name, but it wasn't there. Checked other folders to no avail. When I did find it through "All content", I tried to move it to the folder but it wouldn't let me because supposedly it was already in it. So I duplicated it. Deleted the original, moved the duplication into the folder. Checked the folder. Wasn't there. Turns out I was looking in the folder within "My View" instead of the one found in "Private".

I now have a horrible fear that if I start deleting the folders from "My View", I'll wind up deleting the content itself from my Rise and lose it.




Kind regards,



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Sara Fromme

I think the Private and Teams structure are your actual courses and folders.

My View is basically a bookmark or shortcut. Thus, you can add a course to My View for quick access, but it is only a link and doesn't impact where your actual courses are. Kind of like the way Windows Explorer has a Quick Access pin. 


Thanks, just found out why I can't see all my content, even though "All Content" Is listed in the top right dropdown.

I can't believe Articulate is prioritizing these updates, which are marginally if at all helpful. There are more threads than I care to count by actual developers requesting the most basic 'features' be implemented. These threads go back YEARS.

Yet this new 'feature' was implemented, and all of a sudden I couldn't see all my work at a glance.