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May 16, 2017


I have just completed a comprehensive RISE course to replace a workbook and online quiz. I have exported it and uploaded to our online learning platform and there are a few issues:

1. Although I set a number of attempts in the quiz (3) once exported the reporting shows 1 attempt regardless of how many the learner actually took; can we actually have a feature to track number of attempts; this is very important for some of our compliance based training.


2. A little one: I have used the buttons to move on to next lesson - it works in my preview but not when I share the course or export it - help?!

3. Navigation: I set this as restricted but have noted the learning times are very fast - having looked at this; whilst restricted navigation forces the learner to complete lessons in order it doesn't make them open/click/flip within a lesson thus meaning a learner can skip all the content that is interactive. A rise course that should be taking 20 minutes is being reported as an average learning time of 2 minutes! The interactive content is where the learning happens so why isn't each lesson restricted until all interactions have been completed?! The ideal would be for each  pre-built to have its own navigation settings so we can force completion or allow through navigation.

The above seriously impede delivery of content and I wondered if there were fixes/development planned on these?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emma! 

Happy to help with the other two questions. 

1. When a Learning Management System tracks attempts, it is tracking the number of times the learner attempts a course. The LMS is oblivious to the number of times the learner attempts any given piece of content inside the course, including the quiz.

On the flip-side, a Rise course lets you limit the number of attempts at the quiz, but doesn't know anything about the number of times you've launched the entire course from the LMS.

If it's critical that your LMS displays an accurate number of quiz attempts, you could try telling Rise to limit your learners' quiz attempts to 1, which will force the learner to re-launch the course in order to make another attempt. You may also need to configure your LMS to not allow suspend/resume on the course, so that the learner doesn't resume on a completed quiz during the second attempt.

2. I'd love to take a look at this to see how you've set up the buttons. Can you include the "Share" link here or send me a link to test on your LMS? If you need to keep this out of the public forums, no worries I can reach out to you directly with a private link. Just let me know! 

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