Rise quiz completed. How to tell the user "thank you"?

Aug 07, 2019

I made a course containing a quiz at the end in Rise.

Once the user has completed the quiz, I would like to tell him "thank you for completing the course" and I would like to have a button which closes the course! Why is there no such option in Rise?

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Holley Berley

The Exit Course button I mentioned above will be there through the whole course unless you toggle it off. 

Instead of having it always available to click and exit with, you may want to instead accompany Crystal's method with a final "lesson" page the learner sees after the quiz.  You can insert an interactive button block and have the button "exit" the course (after which it will automatically show the goodbye screen from Crystal's method).



Laszlo Sereny


I now see that I have not stated my question correctly. I made an extra lesson at the end of my module to test the knowledge of the user. I have used the QUIZ lesson type to create the quiz and to be able to track answers! If I would have created the quiz within the normal lesson (Knowledge check) tracking is not possible. 

So why there is no "result slide" available when you have a quiz lesson?

You can only add questions, but there is no possibility to create a final slide with results and an exit and complete button

Holley Berley

Hi Laszlo,

I agree, a "results" page following a quiz would be great!  Right now you can't tailor what the ending looks like, and there is definitely a lack of an official exit button.  The best thing to do at the moment is create a new page after the quiz that can only be accessed after the learner has completed the quiz satisfactorily.

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