Rise Quiz Questions Lacking

Jan 27, 2022

Anyone else find they want to use Rise but the types of quiz questions are lacking compared to Storyline? We tried using a Storyline block inside of Rise to get around this, except there is no real way to set the file to read the quiz as a passing score and the learner can fail the quiz but still complete the content within Rise. If there is anything in the works to either use a Storyline block with a passing score as the completion for Rise or to make Rise's questions more like Storyline, I would love to know. 

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Elizabeth Kuhlmann
Hi Karyn! You could require learners to pass the Storyline quiz before moving on. You'll want to add a course completion trigger to the success layer on the result slide. Click here to see an example of how the trigger might look. When you publish, track your Storyline course using the completion trigger rather than the quiz result. Since the completion trigger in this scenario only works if learners pass the quiz, Rise 360 won’t let them continue if they fail the quiz. I hope that helps!