RISE - remove the words Lesson # when you go back to an existing section of the course

Sep 01, 2021

Hi there,

In RISE, I was able to turn off Lesson count so it did not display in my course.  But I noticed even though I turned it off, it still shows "Lesson #" after you have reviewed a section of the Table of Contents and then go back to it.  when you scroll down instead of your continue button you see the Lesson.  But we are using Sections and Section 1 starts a few "Lessons" in, so when folks scroll down they see "Lesson 4 Section 2 (section 2 is my title), I don't want to see the Lesson 4 part.  I went into Labels and removed the word "Lesson"  but than it still shows the 4.  Anything I can do about this, seems a little confusing to the learner based on how my SME wants the titles.  Screenshot attached.

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Karl Muller

Hi Teresa,

The switch you show in image 2 controls the display of "Lesson X of Y" that is displayed in the top left corner of the course. We turn this switch off

As you have already discovered, there is no way to completely remove the "Lesson X" reference at the top and bottom of a Rise Lesson.

For us, this is the biggest problem in Rise.