Rise, SCORM Packages and Updated Content in Blackboard

Jul 13, 2022

So, Rise content is packaged up as a SCORM and then uploaded into Blackboard. Students can track their own progress within a Rise module, it also remembers where they are up to when they return and we can see their progress in the Blackboard Grade Centre. So far so good.

But when academics want to update the content (which is becoming more frequent as more Rise content is created), that's when my issues start. I have to repackage the content and re-upload to Blackboard each time? I have to hide the old, out-of-date SCORM package in the Blackboard course area and point students to the new one? But what about their current progress? That is wiped clean. So we have to take a "snapshot" of where students are at before I upload the updated SCORM package? 

Or do I? Have I missed something here?

The easy way would be to just provide the direct URL to the Rise content. That way the students would constantly have access to updated content...but we lose all of the features of being able to track progress.

(I hope that has made some sense). Any help appreciated.

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