Rise SCORM to publish in LMS: how to start from where the learner left off or restart from start?

Dec 02, 2021

Hello Heroes - I'm sure there is a button or setting I'm missing but I have several courses created in Rise 360, I need to publish them to individual SCORMs, and load them into an LMS (Cornerstone).  Where can I find the setting so the learner can leave the course in the LMS and have the option upon returning, to either pick up where they left off or restart?  Also after completing the course, I'd like the learner if taking the course again to restart at the top of the course?  My Cornerstone friends indicate it's a setting when creating the SCORM, not any setting in the LMS.  Thanks!!

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Karen Palleschi

Continuing the thread, will this setting (attached pic) provide data for potential reporting regarding where they left off in a course?  As an example, will I know if are they on lesson three or five of the course in progress?  Reporting comes from my LMS but will the SCORM package provide that type of data regarding learner progress?

Karl Muller

Hi Karen,

Which Rise Lesson the student is currently busy with is stored in the student resume data, but having worked on multiple LMS's, I have never seen a report that provides this level of detail.

A SCORM communicates only very high level status to the LMS for the overall course status:

  • Not started
  • In Progress
  • Completed
Brett Rockwood

That's true but it isn't scalable or flexible and requires LMS administrator's time. We need a way for testers (pre-launch testing is a control we must execute before any launch) to verify all aspects of a course are working properly in the system. This requires multiple run throughs of a course. We also require the ability for the user to revisit a course they've previously completed at any time. We also want the user to be able to retake a course they have previously completed because of a performance or compliance issue. It sounds like all of these scenarios require an LMS administrator to reset the course and that's just not feasible in a large organization. 

I'm curious why this wouldn't be a feature with similar functionality to Storyline.

Karl Muller

"As a learner makes his way through a course, a compressed chunk of information—called suspend data—is sent to the LMS after each slide. This suspend data describes everything about the current state of the course, including the learner’s responses, navigation history, object states, variable values, interaction results, and more."

See https://community.articulate.com/articles/learning-more-about-your-lms-suspend-data-and-resume-behavior 

Karen Palleschi

Thanks Karl!  Really good article which led me to this one as well https://community.articulate.com/articles/the-secret-to-lms-debugging

Hypothetically... might an expert in creating custom reports from a specific LMS (our LMS central admin team is seriously good but I need to know the right language to use with the custom report request) leverage this file to create a custom report?  Obviously this is a question for them to answer but understanding these logical steps to get that data return might indicate the possibility of a custom report.  "If it moves it can be measured..."