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Jun 05, 2018


I have found a creative use for Rise and would like to know more about the storage included in my 360 subscription  

Our Head Office has just had a refit and I’m using Rise to create a Treasure Hunt as part of an orientation / grand opening evening we are running  for the new office 

Each employee will get access to a Rise course I am making. Each chapter contains a clue which leads them to a location in the new office. For example, one chapter has a morse code recording spelling out a location, another has a video of a riddle read by our American colleagues.  

The teams will move through the clues (free navigation) and race to solve them, whilst finding out about the new office at the same time.

My plan is to use the ‘share’ button in Rise to generate a link for people to access the course. Not putting it to LMS as for one evening only. 

Are there any known limits on how many people can access a course at the same time through the share button. Possibly 30 teams, each with a device, accessing it at the same time.

alternatively, is there any free storage I can upload it to and generate a reliable link for them


thanks in advance, off to draw my office floor plans! 


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Martin,

What a fun idea, I love a good Treasure Hunt! 🌟

Articulate 360 personal subscriptions come with 150 GB of storage space for Rise courses and Articulate Review content items. The Rise Share option is designed for light sharing of a course as it won't track an individual progress or answers to any quizzes. 

If you'll have 30 devices accessing the course at the same time, I wouldn't imagine that causing a problem, but you may also want to check with your internal IT about any bandwidth limitations and see if they had additional ideas on how your own network will fair. 

I'm not aware of any free sites to store course content, but I know Amazon S3 offers pretty generous usage and hosting amounts at a low cost. It's what a lot of us at Articulate use for testing and hosting of content too - and it's also pretty easy! Here's an older article on how to use it. 

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