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Mar 11, 2020

Is there a way in Rise to change the word submit on quizzes? I am making a French module. I know how to do it in Storyline but not seeing the option in Rise.

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Karl Muller

Yes, there is a way.

Access your Rise course and choose SETTINGS.

Choose LABELS.

From the drop-down list choose French. This will load a pre-made set of French labels.

If you would rather create your own labels, next to the name of the currently selected label set choose CREATE NEW.

Enter the name for your label set, e.g. FRENCH COURSE.

Scroll down and find the Quiz & Knowledge Check section.

Find the SUBMIT label in the left column. Enter the french word you would like to use for SUBMIT on the same row in the right column.

Do the same for any of the other labels you would like to change.



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