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I wasn't sure if this was already a thread and which one to post to...Rise or Storyline.

I created a survey type question (Likert scale) in Storyline and uploaded it to Articulate to add to my Rise. Will it not show a response when students choose submit? This is the first time I have used this method and added to Rise. I took off the submit option since it wasn't working.

Thanks for any support. Image attached.

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Angela Sands

So, something like this: Your answers were not recorded. The activity above was a personal inventory. Move to the next page to continue the lesson. I went ahead and just added a text block in Rise to give them some feedback.

Also, I don't want to spend a lot of time making interactions if the students won't get feedback. Do the interactive features upload for use in Rise. For example, a drag/drop interaction?

mikki herbold

Storyline quiz embedded into Rise. Can the results of the quiz be integrated into Rise scorm LMS?

AND, Client wants the viewer to take test and if gets answer wrong, it will take you back to the original page where the resource is and review,  then they want to go back to quiz to take it again. Not possible in rise test alone, but would the Storyline block within Rise take me out and in again to continue test?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mikki,

You can track course completion based on the completion of the Storyline block. Take a look at the steps and options here. 

For the client request, is the original page/resource inside your Storyline course or an external site? Also, do you need to have this occur for each question or after the entire quiz is complete? Let me know, and I can point you towards some ideas and resources! 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mikki,

Rise will report one quiz/results to your LMS. It sounds like you'd want an option to either have multiple quizzes all linked to one result (similar to what you can do in Storyline) or include multiple results slides and track them all to your LMS? Knowing a bit more detail will help to share with our Product team! 

mikki herbold

Hi Ashley
I am in a bit of a kafuffle.
I am using Rise for an across the college info/quiz module on 'Douglas College's Academic Integrity'. Like all other post-secondary institutions, cheating is pretty bad and needs to be addressed in someway.Each new student hoping to enroll in the college will have to take this test and it has been agreed upon the passing mark will be 80%.
These are the sections:

1 . Culture surrounding Academic Integrity at Douglas College - (also Individual cultural backgrounds of students from abroad)
2. Types of Academic Dishonesty - with some sort of knowledge check
3. What are the Penalties - with some sort of knowledge check
4. Resources to help Students - with some sort of knowledge check

First of all does the interactive knowledge check give marks or percentages or is it just for the students own self check?
If it is a percentage given do all the sections who will have a 'knowledge check' be totaled together at end?

The other catch is the stakeholders want to have the student be able to get transferred back to original information page if the give the wrong answer, review, then be transferred back to continue the question again.
I think that I could have the knowledge check in the same block as the orignianl info and just say scroll up to review and then take question again. The only thing is if it really is a percentage given or just self review.

I know about the 'Quiz" with the percentage showing at the end of the quiz which is very cool but for a review for them if they get the question wrong, how do they go back to review and then take the test again? They would have to go out of that section .

I thought maybe Storyline could do all this and put a block of it in the Rise module but not sure how for the student to review outside previous info for them.
I am so sorry for the confusion, just need a little help thinking it out.
Thanks so much Ashely, whatever you can do. Is it possible to actually talk to someone on the phone?

As it is now we have

Check out Faculty Resources in Blackboard Community

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mikki,

You're asking some excellent questions! From what I'm understanding about this course, it sounds like Storyline might be the better tool for the job. Let's compare what Rise can do vs. what Storyline can do and see if we can come to a solution that'll work for both you and your stakeholders.

In Rise...

  • Does the interactive knowledge check give marks or percentages or is it just for the students own self check?  The interactive knowledge check block is ungraded. It is not tied to a percentage, and it is meant for the students' own self check.
  • If a percentage is given, do all the sections who will have a 'knowledge check' be totaled together at end? No, since a percentage is not given, you cannot calculate a total score for knowledge check blocks. 
  • Can the student get transferred back to the original information page if they give the wrong answer, review, then be transferred back to continue the question again? In a Rise quiz, learners will only be able to attempt each quiz question one time before moving on to the next question. However, they can go back and review content after the entire quiz is complete, then retake the quiz as a whole. Ungraded knowledge check questions do allow learners more than one attempt.

Now, let's talk about what Storyline can do:

  • Knowledge checks can be graded, and the total score of all knowledge checks can be calculated as an overall percentage.
  • You can control the number of attempts the learner has for each question.
  • If the learner answers a question incorrectly, you can transfer the learner back to the content to review, then they can go back to the question to try again. Lightboxes make this kind of review really easy. 

Hopefully that helps you as you consider which tool to use for this course. If you have any more questions for us, don't hesitate to reach out! 

mikki herbold

Thank you so much for the info. jUst a few more:

So for a quiz block in in Storyline which is hosted within a Rize course, if you get the answer wrong it will automatically take you back into Rize block where the review is and then need to click on something to take you back to the quiz to try that question again? Is this possible? 

Alyssa Gomez

Another great question! 

In a nutshell, a Storyline block is self-contained. From one Storyline slide, you can navigate to any other Storyline slide. However, you can't navigate out of the Storyline block to some other lesson in Rise.

Is there a reason why you want to build this course in Rise, and not fully in Storyline?

mikki herbold

Well, I did Storlinyline 1 years ago and to have to learn it again is kinda daunting in the time slot we have. I love the look of Rise and so do the clients. 

If I can give the Rize quiz person a comment if they answer a question wrong, then take the whole quiz again, i think it will work for us. We will get training for Storyline though.

Thanks so much for your help, you are great!

mikki herbold

One more question about Storyline in Rise

If you have a storyline quiz in a rize project and want the student to be able to see the review info if they get the answer wrong, I know you said you can't go out of storyline and into Rize(it is a block of its own) BUT can you have the Rize videos copied into the Storyline block also,and then the student will see the the review?


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mikki,

If you have the review inside the Storyline course, you'll see that option when the learner reaches the results slide. They can then go through the review while still inside the Storyline block. 

When you finish the Storyline block, you'll advance to the next piece of your lesson or section and continue in Rise. 

Have you looked at adding the videos inside Storyline directly? That would allow them to display with your quiz or even on the same slide while viewing the Storyline block.