Rise text breaks in middle of word in mobile preview

Feb 13, 2017

Hi there

I am having an issue with the mobile adaptation in Rise. It is breaking up text in the middle of words when I use a statement block. I have tested the course on an actual mobile phone and it is definitely breaking the words up as it shows on the preview. I've attached a couple of images so you can see the problem.

Only seems to be an issue in portrait view.

Any ideas on how to resolve this please?

Many thanks


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi everyone!

The Rise course title has a 16-character limit in the sidebar area when viewing the course on desktop. Any additional characters will drop to the next line.

For the matching question, the character limit depends on the browser size. If you increase the width of the browser window, all of the characters will fit on one line.  

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jack,

You’re right, Rise 360 won’t hyphenate a word if it is too long to fit on the current line. Instead, the word will drop to the next line.

Some users have had success with inserting a soft-hyphen by typing alt+0173 in the middle of a word where the hyphen should appear. This workaround only works if you’re using a Windows keyboard. You can read more about this workaround here.