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Jul 04, 2017

Hi everyone, is there a cheat sheet for Rise that has all the hidden tricks and things anywhere? Im fairly confident using Rise and I learnt a new trick from Trina a couple of days ago that I didnt know existed!! Or maybe I wasnt looking... 

If you know of something please share in the thread below. Ill go first.


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Bridgewater Developer

Hi Bailey

This is a great idea, it would be nice to have a tips and tricks list, or a bunch of current workarounds.

What I found to be quite helpful is for when inserting image centred images, I change the canvas width for the image (in Photoshop) to 1200px or 1400px. I also added a 1 pixel stroke for a boundary effect (see attached).

Is there a place where the community can share their compilations so that others can learn and pick up ideas? e.g. here is one of mine on Employment Equity (As a requirement of South African legislation).


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