RISE - VIdeo Automatic Transcoding is creating audio sync issue

Jan 25, 2020


For few weeks now my clients are highlighting audio sync issues in the videos we uploaded and imbedded in RISE courses. This is quite painful as I have speakers talking in front of the camera so their lips are not synchronized with the voice :-(

It is quite new and did tones of videos earlier but never had this issue. I realised that this happens each time the name of the video I uploaded is automatically changed by RISE and this happens only to some videos not all, for example:

  • Original video name: Video 04.mp4
  • Video name in RISE after upload: transcoded-GZ_wOvMskdzW7Xtd-Video%25204%2520t1.mp4

I saw on RISE support / best practices that for the images you can add the word _NOPROCESS_ to avoid to have auto compression from RISE but I m not sur if this works for VIDEOS. I tried the follwoing

  • Original video name: Video 3 t1.4__NOPROCESS_.mp4
  • Video name in RISE after upload: transcoded-sqL-ac-pamdENfv--Video%25203%2520t1.mp4

Anyone already had this issue? Dear Articulate 360 team, are you aware of this issue? As you can see in the attachments, just few weeks ago, the name of my files was the original one, and so I suppose something changed on RISE side few weeks ago.

Thanks! David

ps: I also opened case number 02135852 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Sadiya! After troubleshooting David's case, we found the transcoding issue was more related to the video files themselves rather than to Rise 360. 

We'd love to take a look at your LMS output file if you wouldn't mind sharing it. If that works for you, you can send the file privately by clicking here.