Rise - Video file names missing

Hi all,

Have you noticed that the filenames are not always shown when you upload a video to Rise? 

Some filenames are shown, but for others, the panel is blank. 

It's not a major issue, but if I cannot tell what version of a file has been uploaded, I sometimes need to upload them again to make sure it is the latest.




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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Carol,

The issue Barry is seeing relates to video titles displaying while editing the course, but it sounds like you're referring to video titles displaying when a learner views the course.

Do you see the problem when you use the device icons in while previewing the course? If so, can you share a screenshot to help me understand where the where title is missing? 

Barry Stoner

Thanks Alyssa.

The support team have since contacted me and agreed this is an issue that they can recreate, and have raised it as a possible software bug.

As it stands, they cannot suggest a workaround. So I'll have to keep a record of the video files uploaded to Rise, as I cannot always tell which one is in place.

Hopefully, it will get fixed soon.

Rather than having to upload images and videos via the position in the Rise course, do you think we may have access to a repository one day? It would make updating files a lot easier. 


Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for the update, Barry! I'm glad our Support team could get to the bottom of it. Now that we know it's a bug, we can begin looking into a fix.

As for your idea about the media repository, I'm happy to pass that along to our product team! We're always open to hearing how we can make Rise 360 better for you. 

Carol Dawson

Hi! Here are screen shots of the desktop view and one of the other views, all of which have the title on the video. This is true in view mode, as well. I would actually prefer not to have them on there; can that be turned off? Thanks!


Crystal Horn

Hi there, Carol. Thanks for sharing your screenshots! Those blocks look like they might be Storyline blocks, and they won't automatically play in mobile browsers. You can check the Player Properties to see if the title is included for that course and choose to disable that feature. 

Let me know how that works!

Carol Dawson

Hi Barry,
I create the videos in Camtasia, imported them into Storyline 360 so I could caption the videos without burning them in, and published as a Storyline course so I could import it into Rise as a block. I disabled the title on the Storyline side, so I don't know why it's showing up in the other views.

That said, you may be able to use that process to include the title. It's in the Player tab.

Good luck,

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