Rise will not progress past first Block

Hello, I have created an ELearn in rise using sections and when I go to preview the ELearn it will not move past the first section. There are no interactive parts or steps that need to be completed before moving to the new section, the information is just to be read.

I have tried to put in a divider but that did not change the outcome.


Any suggestions?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lesley,

Do you have a link to a Rise course you could share here? 

I tested this on a few of my own Rise courses using Preview and the Share option, in Chrome and Firefox and I was able to navigate forwards and backward using the options at the top/bottom of each lesson. I was also able to use the sidebar menu. 

Let me know if you're using another browser or set up, and I'm happy to test there too!