Rise with Storyline interaction

Nov 20, 2019

Can any one tell me if there is a limit to the number of locked Storyline blocks a Rise project can have?

I currently have 4 Storyline blocks and only the first one is locking. I have the trigger in Storyline "complete course as completed/pass".

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Barbara. It sounds like you have all 4 Storyline blocks in the same lesson, each with a continue button beneath.

To make sure that the continue button doesn't activate until your learners are finished interacting with the Storyline block, use this method. Essentially, if your Storyline interaction doesn't include a quiz, you'll need a Complete course trigger to happen at the end of the interaction. The continue button will look for that signal to allow learners to move on to the next content item.

Let me know how I can help with that!

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