RISE: Wonkiness this AM

Just an FYI.  Was working on my courses and all of a sudden the fonts all changed in my lesson everywhere when I was importing a new image into my lesson. Then HTML scripting starting showing up all throughout the lesson and then the lesson froze and disappeared completely from my course list.  It did come back about a minute later thankfully, and seems to be ok, but wanted to share in case anyone else saw this behavior.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Whoa, Jeff! That image and description sound incredibly weird.

I'm glad things are back to normal, but I'd love to find out a bit more about what happened just before you saw this. 

Have you seen it happen again after posting this? Can you let me know what you were doing before it started? Also, if you can share anything else about your set up (browser, Windows vs. Mac, etc.) that'll help our team look into this. 

Jeff Forrer

Thanks Ashley, it has not happened since, but when it did, there were HTML tags all over the page.   Using Windows 7, latest Chrome browser.  I was changing an image on a course I created a few weeks ago, and when I did, all of the text on the screen went from Lato to I think a Times New Roman, then everything disappeared.

Just now, I added a new text block, put in some headings to those text blocks, previewed, when I went back to the blocks, the headings I added disappeared.   Different that the issue below.  But I added them back and seems to be ok.