Same file, different versions for different collaborators

Apr 24, 2023

Today we needed to update a RISE file and found that the file looked different (older) for me, the course owner, than it did for a course manager, who saw updates that he had made later. How can two different collaborators see different versions of the same Rise file? Why can I not see changes he made in December or January? We confirmed that there is only one file of this name in either of our collections and I made the updates on my desktop to correspond with his. However, this could create a big issue going forward, as we have hundreds of files, all shared by 3 or 4 people, and we must maintain version control. All collaborators have seats on the same license. Please advise


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Amelia Robinson

We have not ever used the SHARE link, as we each work in the actual work file, opening it at different times. We only use the SHARE link to occasionally show the in-progress file to those who don't have access to the work file. There is no point in looking at that now, as we have had to manually make the files match so they can be available to our students.

Angelo Cruz

Hi Amelia! I'm sorry to hear that you are not seeing the updates made by one of your collaborators.

I would like to inquire if you are experiencing a similar issue with other collaborators or courses. Additionally, could you confirm if your collaborator is able to see the updates you make to the course?

Should the issue persist, I would suggest opening a support case here. This way, our support engineers can investigate the matter further and provide you with a proper resolution.

Jose Tansengco

Hi Amelia, 

I haven't seen this issue reported before, so I'd like to test if the behavior is isolated. Would you mind asking the affected authors to clear the cache of their browsers and then test to see if they are still able to observe differences when editing the course?

It would also help if we could get a visual representation of the issue. Would you be willing to upload screenshots showing the different versions so we can take a closer look at what's happening?