Scenario Block - Character not changing

Nov 03, 2021

Hi All, has anyone encountered the character not changing to the specified stance when using Scenario Blocks?  When I am editing and preview from the current scene within the scenario, the character displays the correct stance.  As soon as I am previewing the entire course the character will remain in the original stance.  This makes the scenario block more or less useless in my opinion.  Any suggestions or known bugs would be most appreciated.  

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Lea Agato

Hi Peter! If you're seeing this issue when previewing your course, please make sure you're using a supported browser when working in Rise. If you are still seeing issues please try opening Rise in private browsing mode or try clearing your browsing data.  If that still doesn't help, we'd love to take a look at your project file so we can see what's happening.  Would you mind sharing a link to your content with us here? Thanks!